About The Movie


This project has been a labor of love for the past several years, from it’s embryonic start of first being ‘introduced’ to Shoeless Joe Jackson, to now—the exciting development phase. The stages in between have been filed with countless hours of research, interviews, and more research.

The better part of the past decade has had us immersed in all things Shoeless Joe.
We have had the privilege of long conversations with the late Joe Anders, who was a personal friend of Joe Jackson (who also taught Mr. Anders how to improve his hitting). We have stood on the same field that Shoeless Joe played on as a young man, poured over archives at Chicago’s History Museum, and relentlessly picked the brain of Shoeless Joe Jackson expert Mike Nola.

Everyone along this journey has offered all they had, all for the sake of finally bringing the true story of Shoeless Joe’s life to the public. Even the great Gene Carney, author of Burying the Black Sox, was thrilled that we were telling Joe’s story and threw himself behind our project, offering his full support. We were so very fortunate to have the stories and support of these people who are unfortunately no longer with us.

As we approach the 100 Year Anniversary of the infamous Black Sox Scandal, THE TIMING OF THIS MOVIE COULDN’T BE MORE PERFECT. Joe’s story is a part of history -and not just of baseball history. The scandal impacted the nation, not just the world of baseball. Rest assured, the topics of The Black Sox scandal and Shoeless Joe Jackson will be all over the media in the months approaching the 2019 anniversary. We plan to capitalize on the PR and publicity provided by this timely opportunity, and anticipate free coverage and interest for SHOELESS JOE- The True story to bolster and highlight this project!

Very few people know the actual facts of the scandal as they pertain to Joe Jackson’s side of the story. Much of the information that the general public has on the story of the 1919 World Series scandal- especially pertaining to Joe Jackson- is actually incorrect, or at best-inaccurate. An author of the most famous book on the 1919 Black Sox scandal (that was later turned into the movie where most of the general population received their ‘education’ on the ‘facts’) had admitted that he accepted information from gangster Abe Atelle at face value, and that he wished he had done more research to back up what he was told and printed as truth, later to be found a preponderance of lies. At the time when that book -as well as other information on the subject- was offered up to the public, there wasn’t the luxury of the internet. As well, important documents that shed light on this matter had not yet come into light. Much has been learned since earlier books or film on the topic of the Black Sox scandal, and NO MOVIE has been told with the perspective of Joe Jackson himself.

Whereas our main objective is simply to tell the true story from Joe’s perspective, it is our hope that this movie will give the man a second chance at the world knowing the truth. And if it helps to open the door for discussion on whether the man deserves a chance to have his so-called “lifetime ban” lifted and allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame…then this movie offers the opportunity to be a PART OF CHANGING HISTORY. YOU, AS AN INVESTOR, HAVE THE PROPENSITY TO HELP BRING THIS STORY TO THE PUBLIC, POSSIBLE CHANGE THE RULING OF FORMER BASEBALL COMMISSIONER LANDIS AND THUS CHANGING HISTORY! And as well, right a terrible wrong. Billy Bob Thornton has some great words to add to this…please make sure to watch his video regarding SHOELESS JOE-The True Story.

In closing we would like to say how very honored and privileged we are to have an AMAZING TEAM of TALENTS on board this project!!! Aside from obvious interest of an ACADEMY (& EMMY!) WINNER (whom we will formally announce when the development funding is reached), we have the dynamic duo of ANGELO PIZZO & DAVID ANSPAUGH (Writer and Director, respectively) who brought us two of the greatest sport-themed movies of all time, “Rudy” and “Hoosiers”. We believe that SHOELESS JOE- The True Story, will join the ranks of these timeless classics.